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rimpac logo Horne's final mission was to serve as a target ship during RIMPAC exercises along with several other ships. Horne was sunk after 3 direct hits "amidships aft". Three AGM-84 Harpoon Missiles were fired from aircraft attached to Carrier Air Wing 5. Horne sank north of the Island of Kauai on 07/14/08. She is at a depth far below where all but the strangest of fish reside. And she was not, as some might think, discarded like a broken piece of equipment. She served as a target for many different air and surface units in a way that could not otherwise be replicated. A much better fate than the units that were subjected to "ship-breaking" in places like Brownsville, TX. She's on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. A better grave for a ship, I can not imagine. - Joe Westerberg

N22.55.00 W159.55.00
DEPTH: 2,575 fathoms - 15,450 feet - 2.926 miles

Tribute video: USS Horne 1967-2008

The graphic below will give you an idea of the extreme depth of Horne's forever resting place.
How Deep Is Horne's Resting Place?

Horne Wallpaper - Courtesy Larry Leboeuf - In Horne 1971-1974 - CLICK TO ENLARGE


Horne begins her final voyage  with help from tugs Arthur Foss and Marshall Foss - courtesy Warren Smitth - Foss Maritime Co. -  CLICK TO ENLARGE
Horne begins her final voyage (06/26/08)
Photo courtesy Warren Smith - Foss Maritime Co

Horne begins her final voyage as she exits San Francisco Bay and approaches the Golden Gate Bridge - 06/26/08 - Special thanks to Dave Tudman for the photo - More photos coming soon! (click for detail)
Horne begins her final voyage (06/26/08)
Photo courtesy Dave Tudman

06/26 - Oakland Tribune - "Old warship leaves Richmond"
06/26 - San Francisco Chronicle - "A Warship built at Hunters Point is to be sunk"

A final Horne muster was held on Sunday, May 18th at 10am in Richmond, CA.
CLICK HERE for photos, video and comments.

Still Horne!

Stern Shot courtesy John Bates on the Red Oak Victory (click to enlarge)

On February 26, 2008, Horne was moved from her Suisun Bay location where she was prepared for what's commonly referred to in the Navy as a Sink-Ex... short for Sinking Exercise. Horne was spared the ship-breakers in Brownsville, Texas and instead performed one final mission as a target during RimPac2008. The photos below document her move from Suisun Bay to Richmond, Ca where she underwent final preparations for her sink-ex. 


Thanks to Captain Anonymous for the 4 photos above!
Thanks to John Bates on the Red Oak Victory for the 8 photos above.
Thanks to Clint Skinner who took the 8 photos above from the Suisun Bay bridge.
Click on the photos above to see detail of Horne as she was being moved to her current location in Richmond, CA.
Special Thanks to Matt (former AT2 (NAC/AW) for the five photos above.
The photos above show Horne's current location where she's being prepared for the Sink-Ex Click on photos for detail.
Thanks to Carl Wade (CWO4 USN Ret) in Horne 1970-1971 as an FTM1.
Carl paid a visit to Horne on 3/14/08 and provided these pics. Can you find "Horne" and "30"?

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USS Horne CG-30 (ex-DLG-30)
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