USS Horne CG-30/DLG-30
America's Finest Cruiser


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Admirals Horne Skippers
Officers Chiefs


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Najera, Paul SM3 1985-1989 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Nash, Mark MM3 1979-1981 Leavenworth, KS 1812 CHAWTAW ST - LEAVENWORTH, KS - 66048
Neal, Thomas C. LT 1987-1990
Nebrensky, David   1971 Hillsboro, OR
Neiger, Louis W. MM3 1971-1972 Newberry, SC
Nelson, Darcy OS2 1989-1991 Woodbury, MN
Nelson, Gary STG2 1969-1972 Houston, TX
Neman, Jerry S.

Lifetime member since August, 2008

BT2(SW) 1991-1993 Mineola, TX
Nemecz, Charley   SNBM / HM3 1966-1967 - PLANKOWNER Danville, IL
Neri, Armando FC2(SW) 1988-1993 Chicago, IL
Nesslerode, Mark Captain - photo - Website 1989-1991 - Executive Officer
Neuhaus, (Phipps) David Lifetime member since December, 2020     Hereford, AZ
Neuman, Ronald EMCS 1970-1971 Brighton, TN
Newell, Bruce BM2 1985-1988 Colorado Springs, CO
Newton, John (Dennis) SR 1980-1982 Beaverton, OR
Niblick, Mike SN 1974-1977 Cape Coral, FL
Nichelson, Bruce LCDR 1981-1985 - Main Engines Officer, MPA, Navigator Browns Summit, NC
Nichols, Cary G. GMM3(SW) - photo 1990-1994 - decom
Nichols, Elliott "KC", OS2 1977-1981
Nichols, Lee DS2(SW) 1992-1994
Noble, Jerry FTG3 1979-1981
Nimke, Marti EW3   San Diego, CA
Nolting, Herbert M. SN 1977-1980 Stover, MO
Noriega, Marcos

Lifetime member since April, 2002

QM2 1977-1981 Bullhead City, AZ
Norris, Chris   FC3 1988-1992
Norris, Michael A

Lifetime member since October, 2011

OS2 1980-1984 Upper Marlboro, MD


O'Brien, Michael P.

Lifetime Member since November, 2007

OSC 1975-1980 Belleville, MI
OBrien, Richard Commander 1989-1991 - Chief Engineer
Odegard, Larry M

Lifetime Member Since: March, 2004

Odom, Thomas F.

Paid Through: April, 2004

SK2 1968-1969 Baton Rouge, LA
Odom, Tony M.     Robbinsville, NC  
O'Donnell, Mark. BT2 1969-1972 Fountain, CO UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Ohle, Chester "Oly" MS1 1978-1980 Baltimore, MD
Oldak, Joseph P.   BT3 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER New Rochelle, NY
Oldenburg, Kurt Lifetime Member Since: September, 2005 SK3 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER
Olenski, Jeff" SMSN 1986-1989 Clinton, MS
Oliva, Marlon A. SH@ 1983-1986 Long Island, NY
Olmstead, Mike "Slocum" BT2 1975-1978 South Bend, IN
O'Neal, Robert "Tony" FC2 1988-1991
Opean, Brian EMFN 1980-1983
Orem, Matt Lieutenant 1991-1994 - Decom Boise, ID
Oroszy, John Jr.

Lifetime Member Since: April, 2004

AW2 1968-1971 Chesapeake, VA
Ostenrude, Neil RM1 1974-1975 Brunswick, NE PO BOX 402 - BRUNSWICK, NE 68720


Pacheco, Jeff ICC(SW) 1980 - 1997
Paez, Ricardo RM3 1990-1994-Decom Sunland, CA
Packard, Ross RD2 6/70 - 12/70
Pagidas, Michael A. Lifetime Member Since: May, 2010 RM2 1985-1988 New York, NY PAGIDAS@XNOSPAMXAOL.COM
Palode, Rodney BT3 1989-1993
Panek, Andrei H. SN 1986-1988 Baltimore, MD
Papis, Robert FC1 1985-1989 Virginia Beach, VA
Parker, Keith Lifetime Member Since: April, 2019 EN3 1973-1974 Willow Spring, NC
Parmelee, Steve STG2 1984-1986 Medford, OR
Parnell, Jimmy S BMSN 1988-1989 Louisville, KY
Parsons, Terry BT2 1976-1980 Hanford, CA
Paulino, Edward SKCS 1973-1977 Philadelphia, PA
Patnode, Rick   BM3 1977-1980 Yakima, WA
Patterson, David   EM2 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER Richland Hills, TX
Patterson, Larry

Lifetime Member Since: June, 2006

EM1 1973-1977 Parrish, Florida
Patterson, Willie.

Paid through: August 2004

QMC 1969-1970
Patton, Jeff SK2 1988-1991 Kent, OH
Peavy, Marlon B. ITC(SW) 1988-1991 Virginia Beach, VA
Pearson, Kevin   MM1 1984-1985 Vancouver, WA (no email address provided)
Pebley, Charles F   Commander 1971-1973 Walnut Creek, CA
Peck, Daniel "Fred" - PHOTO

Lifetime Member Since: July, 2005

EM2 1990-1994 San Diego, CA
Peckham, Timothy, "Tiny"

Lifetime Member since October, 2003

MACM(SW) 1966-1969/1976-1978 - PLANKOWNER Virginia Beach, VA
Pelican, Jim "Bird" DS1 1967-1971 - PLANKOWNER Beaverton, OR
Pendt, Robert H. Jr.

Lifetime Member Since: June, 2005

FCCM(SW) 1980-1982 Chesapeake, VA
Perrochino, Paul

Lifetime Member Since: July, 2005

EM3 1971-1973 Readington, NJ
Perry, John A. Lifetime Member Since: September, 2006 BT3 1986-1990 Indianapolis, IN
Perry, Matthew STG2 1979-1983 Las Vegas, NV
Pesik, Mike

Lifetime Member Since: November 2004

MSCS(SW) 1990-1994
Peters, Tim FTG2 1979-1981 Rochester, MN
Peterson, Jerry L. HM2 1989-1992 Morris, IL
Petrovitch, Jerry GMG2 / LT 1976-1980 Michigan
Phelps, Keith L.   SH3 1985-1988
Phelps, Lloyd E" Stoney"

Lifetime Member since: July, 2006

ET1 1969-1974 Missouri City, TX
Phipps (aka Neuhaus),  David Lifetime member since December, 2020 MM2 1976-1979 Hereford, AZ
Phillips, Buz E. MMC (SW/AW) 1989-1994 Covington, LA
Pierce, Charles P. Captain 1985-1988 - Chief Engineer
Pierce, Steve CTMC(SW) 1990-1991
Pinkney, Tony Lifetime Member since: April, 2019
BM1 1974-1976 Lynnwood, WA
Pitts, William "Gunner" GMM2 1980-1983
Pietrowski, Joseph A. MMCS 1966-1969-PLANKOWNER
Plaatje, Lawrence "Rich" III

Lifetime Member since August, 2008

QM3 1978-1980 Waddell, AZ
Plitt, Michael A.

Paid Through, April, 2006

STG1(SW) 1986-1991
Pogge, Philip MM3 1990-1992 Layton, UT
Poland, Don MM1 1985-1986 Littlestown, PA
Poole, Steven W. DS2(SW) 1987-1991 Elco, IL
Porter, Tad Dues Paid through December 2019 SN 1980-1983 Tuscon, AZ
Porter, Tony

Paid Through, November, 2002

Lieutentant 1992-1994 - Chaplain Seattle, WA
Potter, Matthew   RM3 1988-1991 San Diego, CA
Potter, Michael L. Captain 1979-1981 - Disbursing/Ship Store Officer Las Vegas, NV
Powell, David L. Commander   Champaign, IL
Powell, Edwin

Lifetime Member since August, 2005

OS1(SW) - PHOTO 1992-1994 - Decom Sheffield Lake, Ohio
Powell, James   OS2 1975-1976
Prescod, Ricardo A.   EM3 1982-1985 New York, NY
Presler, Dale E.   BT3 1969-1971 Pe Ell, WA
Prochniak, Jim

Double Lifetime Member since March, 2013

RD2 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER Racine, WI
Prudhomme, Richard SM3 1972-1975
Purinton, Russ

Paid Through, August, 2003

ST1 1966-1971 - PLANKOWNER Reno, NV
Putas, Shaune Lifetime Member since April, 2020 OS1 1885-1986 Rainier, WA


Quigley, Kevin FC1 1987-1990 - 55B
Quistorf, James "Jim Q"

Lifetime Member Since: January, 2005

OS2 1981-1982 San Diego, CA
Quinn, Wayne

Lifetime Member Since: June, 2005

ETCS 1986-1991 San Diego, CA


Rainer, Richard A. Captain 1985-1988 - AUXO / E-Divo / COMMO Gentofte, Denmark
Rainey, Shawn EWC(SW) 1991-1994 Los Angeles
Ramirez, J E QMSN 1989-1993 Los Angeles UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Rambo, Raymond Lifetime Member Since: May, 2005 DS1 1969-1974 Longview, TX
Rankins, Michael OS1 1976-1977
Rancour, David GMM2 1992-1994- DECOM
Ransom, Jeff

Lifetime Member Since: August, 2006

SM2 1987-1990 Tampa, FL
Rase, David M MM2 1974-1976 Bremerton, WA
Rasmussen, Brian HM2 1985-1986 Ada, OK
Rasmussen, Steve COMMANDER 1989-1991 San Diego, CA
Rathbun, Michael GMM3 1978-1981 Naples, NY
Raulerson, James STG3 1981-1984 Hawthorne, CA
Ray, Gary GMC 1979-1982 Gosport, IN
Raynor, Chavis FCSN 1988-1989 Philadelphia, PA
Reeves, Wilard David OSC(SW) 1983-1985 San Diego, CA
Reed, Max HT1(SW) 1991-1994 San Diego, CA
Reed, William Lifetime member since March, 2016 NCCS(SW/AW) 1990-1993 Ocala, FL
Reeder, James D RD2 1968-1970 Independence, MO
Reeder, John L.

Lifetime member since December, 2002

MMCM 1969-1972
Rehkamp, Dan FC1 1981-1986 Nevis, MN
Reid, Conrad MS2 1983-1986
Reilly, Rick FC3 1992-1994-DCOM Fargo, ND
Renken, Garry MM3 1974-1976 West Carrollton, OH
Rhyno, Matthew T. E4 1984-1988 Central Point, OR
Rice, Jackie T. STG2 1986-1987 Albertville, AL
Richardson, Darwin SK2 1990-1993 Chesterfield, VA
Richardson, David B. OSCS (SW) 1971-73, 1978-80 Pattaya City Thailand
Richardson, Brian ET2 (SW) 1983 Marengo, OH
Richter, Hollis C Lifetime Member Since: May, 2005 RD2 1968-1971 Boise, ID
Ridgel, Patrick W. Lifetime Member Since: May, 2005 FCCM(SW) 1985-1989 Fallon, NV
Ringkvist, Victor C Lieutentant 1969-1970 Ferndale, WA
Risi, Eric HT3 1991-1994 - DECOM Yuma, AZ
Riley, Anthony "Tony" HMCM 1979 Cypress, TX
Riley, John Captain 1987-1989 San Diego, CA
Risely, Bruce J. GMMC(SW) 1982-1987 Hillister, CA
Risi, Eric Lifetime Member Since: July, 2023 HT3/EO2 1991-1994 - DECOM Yuma, AZ
Ritchie, Monroe C "Bubba"   BT1(SW) 1986-1991 Grand Prairie, TX
Rittmayer, Robert
SH3 1983-1986 Altamonte Springs, FL
Roark, John L. Jr. Lifetime Member Since: December, 2013
SM3 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER Lizton, IN
Roark, Robert, E. SN 1988-1991 Altamont, MO
Roberts, Denver DS2 1984-1988 Phoenix, AZ
Roberts, Kenneth DS1 1982-1985 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Robertson, Eugene Allen SN 1966-1970- PLANKOWNER Morris, Il
Robertson, Michael A. MMFN 1984-1986 Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Robinson, Antonio "Tony" RM3 1983-1986 Charlotte, NC
Robinson, Reid Commander 1986-1988 Salem, OR
Robles, David G. Lifetime Member Since: December, 2020 OS3 1989-1991 Tucson, AZ
Rodriguez, Henry GMG 1990-1991 Melbourne, FL
Rodriguez, Joe A. YN2(SW) 1985-1989
Rogers, Greg EN2 1978-1979 Ashley, MI
Rogers, Michael "Doc". HM1 1968-1969 Alabama
Roosevelt, Lewis OS1(SW) 1991-1993 Mascotte, FL
Roy, Ronald E3 1969-1970
Rosario, Joe BTFN 1977-1981 El Monte, CA
Rosa, Mike FCCM 1975-1977 Milwaukee, WI UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Rose, Michael Ray ETCS 1980-1982
Rosenberger, Robert W FTM2 1977-1981 Dublin, PA
Ross, Mark CTTCM 1985-1987 Bristol, CT
Ross, Mark HTFN 1977-80 San Luis Obisbo, CA
Rouse, Tom MM2 1989-1994 Independence, MO
Royer, David STG3 1992-1993 Fullerton, CA
Rudolph, Ed

Lifetime member since March, 2008

QMC 1979-1982 Kalispell, MT
Ruffin, Jesse "Two-Brew"   SA/MCSM(SS) 1970-1975
Rufo, Rodolfo B. Jr.   EMC(SW/AW) 1983-1986 Las Vegas, NV
Ruge, Herbert S. ET3 1985-1987 Huntsville, AL
Rule, Ruede ET1(SS) 1980-1981 Lubbock, TX
Russell, Carl D. Lifetime member since April, 2017 SKCM 1971-1975 Altus, OK
Russell, Jim YN3 1969-1971 Weston, WI
Russell, Gary L. RM3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER Marine City, MI


Sabeh, Joseph P. SKCS(SW) 1982-1985

San Diego, CA
Sabin, Steve FC3 1991-1994 Rye, CO
Sabio, Dante EM3 1989-1990

Carson, CA
Salyers, Richard BT2 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER Flora, ILL 618 W. 6th St.
Flora, Ill. 62839       
Sampson, Neil LCDR 1969-1970 San Diego, CA
Sampson, David FC3 1992-1994 Grand Rapids, MI
Sanchez, Ruben SHCS(SW) 1992-1994 San Diego, CA
Sanders, Guy RM2 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER Watauga, TX
Sanders, T A "Sandman" OS3 1989-1991 Austin, TX
Santeler, James H. BMCS(SW) 1982-1986 San Diego, CA UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Santisteban, James C. LN1 1984-1986 Simi Valley, CA
Santocono, Mathew Dennis FTM3 1967-1968 San Diego, CA
Sarber, William W. BMCS(SW) 1984-1988 Kansas City sarberw@XNOSPAMXCNRC.NAVY.MIL
Saverino, Pete Lifetime member since: June, 2014 GMM3 1990-1993 New York City
Sayers, John EM3 1982-1984 Niagara Falls
Sayre, Dennis J. EWCS(SW) 1983-1987 Bossier City, LA
Sebastian, Robert GMM2 1967 - PLANKOWNER Fridley, MN
Schaffer, Kevin GM3 1981-1985
Schaffrath, Keith "The Schaft" ETR3 1976-1979
Scherl, R.J. FC2 1991-1992 San Diego, CA
Schilling, Jim SHC(SW) 1969-1970 Lafayette, IN
Schoope, Gordon FC1 1984-1989 Arlington, TX
Schrand, Jay DS2 - Web Site 1966-1967 - PLANKOWNER
Schreiber, Allen P MMC(SW) 1978 Houston, TX
Schroeder, Gregory L.

Lifetime member since: July, 2006

FTM3 1970-1972 New Albany, IN
Schmidt, Allen DONOR TO UNITED STATE NAVY MEMORIAL ETR2 1977-1980 Lancaster, CA
Schmidt, Donald EW2 1977-1979 Arlington, VA UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Schmitz, Herbert E. CS3 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER North Little Rock, AR
Schuchart, Tony RD2 1971-1972 York PA
Schroeder, Michael K Paid Through: October, 2009 HT2 1989-1993 Lakeland, FL
Schultejans, Joe MM1 1989-1992
Schwartz, Arthur J."Art" LTJG 1967-1969 - Ass't CIC Officer Alexandria, VA
Schwartz, Brian "Reg" DC2 1988-1993 San Antonio, TX
Schwartz, John C MM2 1976-1979 Palm Springs, CA
Schwartz, Lou

Lifetime Member Since: December 2003

Lieutenant 1986-1989 - Ordnance Officer
Scott, Carl W OS2 1976-1980 Dillon, SC PO Box 408 - Dillon, SC 29536
Scott, Jay MMFN - Photo 1982-1984 Weilmunster, Germany
Scott, Ronny "Scotty" Lifetime member since April 2020 GMM3 1976-1979 Vancouver, WA
Scott, Mark BM3 1986-1989 Sydney, Australia
Scribner, Ed LT 1969-1971 Las Cruces, NM
Seeger, Joe SN - Photo 1974-1976 Chehalis, WA
Seely, Mark FCC(SW) 1988-1992 San Diego, CA
Seidle, Phil SH2 1983-1986 Neptune, NJ
Seivert, Richard

Lifetime member since December, 2005

RM2 1980-1981 Rockford, IL
Self, John E.   GMC(SW) 1986-1990 Louisville, KY
Seligmann, Manny
Senior, Kenneth D. EMC - Web Site 1976-1981 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Seidle, Phil SH3 1983-1986
Seidle, Roger STG3 1972-1973 Portland, OR
Self, John E. GMC(SW) 1986-1990 San Diego, CA GMCSELF@XNOSPAMXAOL.COM
Serna, Edward "Eddie" MM2 1969-1972 Espanola, NM
Sformo, Mike "Bocephus" HT3 - 1991-1994 - DCOM Washington, DC
Shamp, Don IC2 1979-1980 Palo Alto, CA
Sharpe, William W. SN 1971-1975 Van Nuys, CA
Shary, Christopher MS3 1977-1978 St. Augustine, FL
Shaw, Edgar W.

Lifetime Member since October, 2003

MMCM 1973-1976
Shaw, Todd GMMSN 1983-1984 Spokane, WA
Shelley, Daryl ST1 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER El Cajon, CA 150 S. ANZA ST 60B - EL CAJON, CA 92020
Sherrick, Bruce BTFN 1980-1981
Shea, Brian "Barney" Lifetime member since April, 2017 MM2 1975-1979 Connecticut
Shipley, Richard P. STG2 1976-1979 Zion, IL
Shields, Michael SH2 1991-1993 Carencro, LA
Shilling, Jim SHC(SW) 1969-1970 Centralia, WA
Shook, James F. Sr. Lifetime member since September 2010
CS3 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER Rose City, MI
Shrader, Tom SMCM(SW) 1988-1989 Command Master Chief UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Shroeder, Michael K. HT2 1989-1993 Lakeland, FL
Shropshire, Ron "Shrop" QM3 1985-1988
Shugars, Kirk STGC(SW) 1990-1993
Silva, John SM1 1982-1985 Shandon, CA
Simons, Roger BM3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER
Siow, E. Vincent RM1 1971-1974 Casa Blanca, NM
Sickmier, Randy Captain 1990-1991 (OIC LAMPS Air Detachment) Norfolk, VA
Sibblies, Henry G. SK2 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER
Siedenburg, Frederick E. DSCM(SW) 1993-1994 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Sima, Dave GMC(SW) 1985-1988 Burlington, WI
Simon, Richard L. Commander 1983-1985 - ASW, Boilers, MPA
Simons, Roger BM3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER
Siow, E. Vincent RM1 1971-1974
Sisco, Steve HT1 1992-1994
Six, Joseph BTFN 1991-1993
Skarboszewski, Jay "Ski" DONOR TO UNITED STATE NAVY MEMORIAL ET2 1978-1983 Houston, TX
Skiles, Charles C FTG1 1978-79 Dublin, CA
Slater, Keith EMC(SW) 1989-1993 Temecula, CA
Slaughter, John K GMCS 1966-1970- PLANKOWNER Spring Valley, CA
Sleeter, Steven

Lifetime member since December, 2003

RM3 1970-1973 Wausau, Wisconsin
Sleeping, John Longtime DS2 1993 - Decom Browning, MT
Sloan, John EW2 1990-1991 Des Moines, IA
Sloan, Mark R. PO3 1976-1980 San Jose, CA
Smith, Darrell R. (Smitty) MM2 1972-1976 Daytona Beach, FL
Smith, Donald STG1 1987-1988 York, PA
Smith, Hershell GMM2 1968-1669 Mesa, AZ
Smith, Jared "Smitty" MM2 1984-1988 Christmas Valley, OR
Smith, Keith TM3 1979-1981 Defuniak Springs, FL
Smith, Kenneth "Shane" SN 1990-1993 Cambridge, OH
Smith, Kurt MS3 1991-Decom Oregon City, OR no email provided
Smith, Michael FCCM(SW) 1977-1981 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Smith, John Lifetime member since May, 2020 BT3 1969-1972
Smith, Samuel A. EM3 1969-1973 Pegram, TN
Smith, Raymond TM1 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER Columbus, NM PO BOX 81 - COLUMBUS, NM - 88029
Smith, Terry Lifetime member since August, 2021 BT3 1979-1982 Minnetonka, MN
Smith, Thomas

Lifetime Member since: January, 2005

SMC - PHOTO - TRUCK 1974-1975 - National City, CA
Smolen, Stanley CTO2 1968 Ocean View, DE
Snavely, Tim SN 1975-1976
Snyder, Dan LCDR 1988-1992 San Clemente, CA
Snyder, Thomas R. PNC(SW/AW) 1983-1986 Lebanon, PA
Sodek, Michael J. BM2 1984-1990 Waco, TX
Southard, Jamie Lifetime Member Since: June, 2010 OS2 1990-1993 La Conner, WA
Southard, Sean Lieutenant 1991-1994
Sowersby, Michael


EM3 1983-1986 San Antonio, TX
Spack, Thomas

CSSN - Photo 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER Cudahy, WI
Spangler, E. T. "Ted" ETR-3 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER Tahlequah, OK
Speegle, Art RMC 1980-1982
Spencer, William E.

Lifetime Member Since: March, 2003

OS2 1977-1981 Yalaha, FL
Spittell, Steven OS2 1988-1992 Columbus, OH
Springer, Arnold NCC 1985-1990 Hemet, CA 892 LEXINGTON ST. - HEMET, CA 92545
Springer, Bill BT3 1974-1975 Marine City, MI
Sprung, Donald J. RM3 1975-1976 Port Orchard, WA
St John, Lawrence "Larry" LCDR 1972-1975 -Repair Officer, DCA, MPA Brooks, GA
Stafford, John L Sr.

Lifetime Member since October, 2003

BT3 - photo 1973-1974 Daytona, FL
Stallan, Matthew

FC3 1993-1994 - Decom San Diego, CA
Stark, David L GMCS 1982-1986 Hemet, CA
Starnes, Steve STG3 1988-1990 Bloomington, IN
Starr, John DS3 1990-1992
Staton, John "Ric" MM2 1974-1978 Austin, TX
Stauch, Chris B. MM1(SW) 1992-1994 - Decom Santee, CA
Steakelum, Kris "Steaks" EM3 1988-1991 Fall River, MA
Stephan, Randy BT3 1986-1990 Lodi, CA
Stevens, Chris EM2 1978-1990 Ocala, FL
Stevens, Ron FC1 1985-1990
Stine, Jack OS2 1993-1994 - Decom
Stonebrink, Corey "Stoney" OSC(SW) 1993-1994 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Storozum, Michael   MS3 1986-1988 Wantagh, NY
Strainbrook, David   TM32 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER Mt. Pleasant, IA 900 Adams PL Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
Stratton, Charles

Paid Through: September, 2002

BM2 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER
Strickrott, Bruce W. FC1 1986-1989 Deerfield Beach, FL UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Storrs, Benton D. Jr. SM3 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER Oklahoma City, OK
Swain, Jason T FC1 1985-1989
Swartz, Jack Lifetime Member since November, 2013 EM3 1971-1973 Pierre, SD
Sullivan, William "Bill"   SM3 1971-1973 Charlestown, NH
Sullivan, Jim   IC3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER Greensboro, NC
Sullivan, Vernon E.

Paid Through: April, 2003

CTM2 1972-1973 Orlando, FL
Sumrall, Tom ET1 1985-1987 Hattiesburg, MS
Sungberg, Karl BT2 1978-1983 Phoenix, AZ
Suska, Mike "Squach" OSCS(SW) 1984-1989 Walden, CO
Sutton, E.R. HT3 1977-1980


Taber, Russell MM2 1987-1991 Prague, OK
Tagatac, Erlito "TAG" MM1 1975-1981 San Jose, CA
Taggart, David W. SN 1980-1983
Tanner, Tom OS2 1983-1985 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Tate, Fred L. EWC 1968-1971 Pasadena, CA
Taylor, Richard SH2 1982-1985 San Francisco, CA
Templeton, Bill

Paid through: August 2004

MM2 1989-1992 Mansfield, TX
Tenhulzen, Neal Instructor/Tech aft 5/54 1972-1973
Terry, Moochie STG3 1983-1986
Teubner, Al Lieutentant 1968-1969 Electronics Officer Chelmsford, MA
Theis, Mark

Lifetime Member since October, 2003

BM3 1973-1975 Yuma, AZ
Thomas, Brad OSC 1984-1989 Lathrop, MO
Thomas, Danny OS2 1990-1993 Shawnee Mission, KS
Thomas, John CTRN 1970
Thomas, Larry EN3 1979-1981 Ayer, MA
Thompson, Dwayne "Catfish" OS3 1990-1993
Thompson, Eric BTFN 1990-1992
Thompson, Michael D. MS2 1993 Oak Harbor, WA
Thompson, Richard J.

Lifetime Member since: January 2004

FN 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER Norwalk, IA
Thompson, Trent M. Lieutentant
Tighe, Arthur BT2 1982-1984 Scrantan, PA
Tinsley, David Lifetime Member since: January, 2020 MMC 1986-1991 Altoona, PA
Tamasonis, William "Joe"   MM3 1967-1970 Post Falls, ID
Tomcek, Ronald P STCM 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER San Diego, CA
Tossey, Chris

Lifetime Member since: April, 2017

MM2 1988-1991 Valdez, AK
Trias, Jeffrey A. FCC(SW) 1982-1986 California City, CA
Trammell, Duane DS1 1984-1987
Tranzor, F. Douglas ETC 1971-1972 Sacramento, CA
Trickett, Roy RM3 1990-1992
Trimm, David A MM3 1977-1980 Spring, TX
Troxell, Dennis C. STG2 1976-1978 Nipomo, CA
Tucciarone, John "Tooch" FTMSN 1977-1979
Tully, John FTG2 1968-1970
Turner, Phil

Lifetime Member Since: December, 2004

Commander 1990-1993 San Diego, CA


Ulrich, David FTM2 1977-1981 Baltimore, MA DULRICH1@XNOSPAMXMSN.COM
Unger, Jerry BTC(SW) 1981-1984 Holton, MI
Unsinn, Scot MM3 1989-1992 Green Bay, WI
Upchurch, Robert Commander 1991-1992 Falls Church, VA
Ussery, Rickie Lifetime member since March, 2008 BT2 1974-1977 Woodland, WA


Valentine, Carl E. (aka Boss Hog)

Lifetime Member since: February, 2004

OSC 1981-1983 Alma, Arkansas
Valentino, Thomas MM3 1977-1979 Fairlawn, OH UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Valverde, Gus, Jr. MM3 1980-1981 Apopka, FL
Van Allen, W M Dirk Commander 1973-1975 Austin, TX
Vaillancourt, Dave EM2 1968-1970 Canton, MI
Vance, John H. YNCS 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER
Vandemore, David RM1 1970 - Flag RM
Vanderweg, Joe (formerly Higginbotham)

Paid Through: January, 2004

STG3 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER Nederland, TX
Van Valkenburgh, Tommy

Lifetime member since March, 2008

FC1(SW) 1988-1992 Kalamazook, MI
Vargo, James   FA 1993 Pittsburgh, PA UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Vaux, Donald   TM1 1971-1972 Ottumwa, IA
Veasley, Jim Lifetime member since August, 2002 MM2 1970-1971 Overland Park, Kansas
Veen, Jan F.A.

STG3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER Holland, MI
Verduzco, Jaime A. CE1SCW) 1992-1994 - DECOM Chicago, IL
Veres, Joe EWCS - photo 1968-1971 Taylor, MI
Veverka, Dennis

Lifetime Member since February 2019
Donated to United States Navy Memorial Horne Plaque Fund

EM3 1977-1980
Vernon, David R.

OS3 1975-1976 Tulsa, OK
Vieyra, Richard

Paid Through: January, 2004

OS2 (SW) 1991-1994 - DECOM
Villarreal, Alfredo Jr. RM3 1974-1975 Del Rio, TX
Vlassis, William A.

Paid Through: December 2005

ETN3 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER Del Rio, TX
Vought, Jim   SM3 1971-1972 Fort Wayne, IN


Wade, Carl V.

Lifetime Member Since June, 2008

CWO4 - FTM1 on Horne
Photo 03/14/08

1970-1971 Port Saint Lucied, FL
Wager, Timothy MSSN 1982-1985 Ft. Myers. FL
Waggoner, Robert (Bob) EMCS 1969-1971 Caney, KS
Wahlstrom, Mark Captain 1984-1987 - CHENG Suffolk, VA
Walker, Bill IC2 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER Savannah, GA SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
Walker, David

Lifetime Member Since: April, 2005

OS3 1985-1988 Arlington, TX
Walker, Ronnie A. FT2 1966-1971 - PLANKOWNER Owensboro, KY
Walker, Todd SK3 1982-1986 Indianapolis, IN
Waller, David S. PNSN 1992-1994 Nenan, GA
Walton, Douglas CSSN 1971-1973 Arlington, MA
Walz, James H. Lifetime Member Since: December 2019 MMCM 1980-1985 San Diego, CA
Ward, Richard Lifetime Member Since: September, 2012 RD3 1969-1972 Lamar, AR
Ward, Timothy TM3 1986-1990 Santa Monica, CA
Warncke, Russ

MM3 1979-1980 Dallas, TX
Warren, Larry

Lifetime Member Since: September, 2012

STG2 - Photo 1969-1972 Gardnerville, NV
Warren, Troy GMM1 1990-1992 Virginia Beach, VA
Wasson, Michael OS2 1988-1992 Austin, TX
Watras, Gerard W. (Wally)   MM2(SW) 1976-1980 Fremont, WI
Watson, Alan STG3 1976
Watkins, Patrick FN 1969-1971
Watts, Randy BT3 1989-1993 La Vista, NE
Wayne, Fred MS1 1986-1988 San Diego, CA
Weaver, Tom Captain 1968-1970 - DCA Columbus, OH
Webb, Dick Lifetime Member Since: December 2019 ETCS (SW) Photo 1989-1992
Webb, John R. BM3 1991-1993 White Hall, AR
Weckesser, Paul S. OSCS(SW) 1989-1993 Glendale, AZ
Weiner, Adrian ET2 (SW) 1986-89 Kansas City, MO
Weisse, Russell BT3 1981-1985 Wanaque, NJ
Welliver, Mike "Boats" DC1 1975-1979 Suisun City, CA
Werner, Jeffrey Michael HTFN 1987-1989
Wenndorf, Jeff Lifetime Member Since: December, 2020 RD3 1967-1969 Stevens Port, WI
Wertenbach, John E. MM3 1969-1973 Virginia Beach, VA
West, Norman MMCM 1971-1973 Kingston, WA 26170 LEYMAN LN NE - KINGSTON, WA 98346
West, Ray

Lifetime Member Since: MARCH, 2004

BTCS 1987-1993 Ojai, CA
Westerberg, Joe
IC1 (SW) Photo 1989-1991

Palm Springs, CA
Western, Steven J. SN 1974-1976

Sheboygan, WI
Wetzel, Shane

Lifetime Member Since: April, 2007

GMM3 1992-1994 Rockford, Il
Whalen, Christopher J. MR1(SW) 1983-1987
Whalen, David W

Lifetime member since April, 2001

BTCS 1968-1972 413 E 8th St
Wellsville, KS 66092
Whearon, Douglas E. BM2 1980-1981 Port Orange, FL
Wheat, Gary OSC/Commander 1976-1978 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Whitaker, Al STG2 1972-1973 Shorewood, MN
Whitfield, Michael D. FC1(SW) 1984-1989 Pearl Harbor, HI
Whitlow, Rod "baby whit" Lifetime Member Since: April, 2015 BT3 1974-1977 Dayton, OR
White, David L.

Lifetime Member since: January, 2018

MM2 1970-1974 Bailey, CO
Wilcox, Joe EW2 1972-1974

Bloomington, IN
Willard, Randy RM3 1968-1971

Austin, TX
Wildoner, Donald J BTFN 1981-1984

Nesquehoning, PA
Willegal, Robert Lifetime since October, 2004 - Double Lifetime July, 2017
BM3 / LCDR 1967-1968- PLANKOWNER & 1981-1984 Waukegan, IL
Wiles, Ernest O

Lifetime Member Since: May, 2005

Lieutenant 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER - Horne's 1st DCA Seward, NE
Wiles, Tom IT1 1983-1985 Monterey, CA
Wilkinson, John SK2 1968-1970 Portsmouth, VA
Williams, Charles

Lifetime Member Since: December, 2004

FTM2 1968-1972 San Diego, CA
Williams, David E. SN 1988-1990 Colfax, IA
Williams, Edgar James MM 1969-1972 Houston, TX
Williams, Jon "Chip"

Lifetime Member Since: April, 2006

RM1 1982-1986 Milton, FL
Williams, Kevin DK1(WW) 1980-1984 Kansas City, MO
Williams, Robert FC3 1993 - Decom Farmington Hills, MI
Williams, Stephen "BIG Will" GMM2 1991-1994 - Decom Slidell, LA
Williams, Steve YN1 1971-1975
Williamson, John EWCM(SW) 1990-1994
Willis, Jerome FTM1 1977-1981 Lilburn, GA
Wills, Dave QM3 1971-1973 Puyallup, WA
Wilmoth, James

Lifetime Member Since: August, 2015

RM2 1971-1973 North, Augusta, SC
Wilson, Jim

Paid Through: April, 2005

OS2 1973-1975 El Dorado, KS
Wilson, John W "JWW" MM 1981-1985 UPDATE REQUIRED SEND IT TO ME!
Wilson, John   OS3 1992-1993 Fredonia, KS
Wilson, Mark Lifetime Member Since: February, 2021 BT2 1980-1985
Wilson, Robert T.

Lifetime Member since October, 2003

CWO-2 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER
- Horne's 1st Sonar Officer
Wilson, Sam E. Jr. BTFN 1973-1974 Kansas City, MO
Winkler, Ronald

Paid Through: January, 2004

OS2 1976-1978
Winlund, Jim "Winnie" OS1 1987-1992
Wisecup, Richard BM1 1973-1977 Longmont, CO
Wise, Russ DSC(SW) 1985-1989
Wojciik, Joe GMM3 1990-1993 La Vista, NE
Witter, Jeff SK2 1982-1983 Minot, ND
Woodland, Thomas, R. RM1 1970-1974 Poway, CA
Woods, William "Bill Woody" BM3 1974-1977 Fletcher, NC
Wolczyk, Stan Lifetime Member Since: October 2004 ET1 - PHOTO 1990-1994 - Decom Memphis, TN
Wolf, Joseph BMSN 1974-1978 Waves, NC
Womack, Randy CWO2 1986-1990 Chula Vista, CA
Workman, Paul R. FTG2 1970-1973 Custer Park, IL
Wudel, James "Jim"

Lifetime Member Since: October 2004

RM2 1974-1975 Brentwood, CA
Wyckoff, Walt

Lifetime Member Since: May, 2006

RM2 1974-1977 Montara, CA




Yates, Fred

Lifetime Member Since: February, 2008

ETR2 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER Phoenix, AZ
Yancy, James D. Lifetime member since January 2020 MMC(SW) 1990-1992 Satellite Beach, FL
Yano, Laurence "Larry" Lieutenant 1970-1974 - CWO2 Fire Control Officer Cibolo, TX
Yarroll, Wayne A. ETCS 1973-1974 Deer Park, WA
Yocom, Mike ETN-2 1969-1970 Thornton, CO
Young, Ed

Lifetime Member Since: February, 2004

STG2 1969-1973 Carmel, CA
Yonkofski, Ben RM2   Stephens City, VA
Young, Kevin OS3 1984-1987 Boston, MA
Young, Robert   Captain


Joplin, MO
Young, Sam HM1 1980-1982 Orange Park, FL
Yost, Craig A (Toastie)

Lifetime Member Since: March, 2005

MM3 1969-1973 Jemez Springs
Yturri, David

Lifetime Member Since: March, 2020

RM3 1976-1979 MARBLE FALLS, TX


Zaffora, Domenico MAC(SW) 1990-1992
Zdunich, Marty M. FTGSN 1977-1979
Ziegenbein, Bob MM1(SW) 1987-1989
Zwick, Kevin T. NCCS 1984-1986 Mesa, AZ


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USS Horne CG-30 (ex-DLG-30)
This site was created by Joe Westerberg, former IC1 (SW) on Horne 89-91.