Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!

This page is dedicated to the memory of our fallen shipmates.

Michael Albright MM3 1981-82 Michael passed while on liberty
Larry L. Alexander OS2 1977-1981 Larry passed in April 2008
Dave Altwegg Commanding Officer 1973-1975 Admiral Altwegg passed in 2011
Randy Anderson MM2 1980-1984 OBITUARY
Theodore "Ted" Arestad EMCM 1976-1979 OBITUARY
John Albert Ashman BTCM   OBITUARY
James Edward Bahr     OBITUARY
Rodney Bailey RD2 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER  OBITUARY
James A Barber, Jr Commanding Officer 1977-1979 OBITUARY
Thomas Lester Beetle   1975-1977 OBITUARY
Charles Gary Blaize Sr. Commander 1968 OBITUARY
Ken (Hawkeye) Burgess BT1 1974-1978 OBITUARY
Donald H. Burnham DS3 1988-1989 Donald passed away in 1989
James Richard Brown LTJG 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Art Chesler MM2 1976-1979 Art passed away in 2021
Robert "Bob" Chohon     OBITUARY
Peter Carrio     OBITUARY
Keith P. Curtis Commander   OBITUARY
Andrew David Darke Commander 1990-1991 OBITUARY
Harry Davis Jr Chief   OBITUARY
Jason William "Bill" Dies EW3 1989-1991 Bill went missing in 1991
Jerome Dix RM3 1973-1974 OBITUARY
William Melvyn Dillman     OBITUARY
Douglas L. Draffen EM2 1967-1970 OBITUARY
Randal Edgett STG2 1974 Randal passed away in 2008
Tom Farrar     OBITUARY
Maurice Fennell BMCM 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Zacheus Gammond     OBITUARY
Daniel Garza     OBITUARY
William Glaser Commanding Officer 1970-1971 OBITUARY
Albert Carl "Chief Gus" Gustafson DSC   OBITUARY
James R. Hackworth EM3 1979-1982 OBITUARY
Robert Hall LTJG 1970-1971 OBITUARY
Terry Hamilton     OBITUARY
Bruce Hamm OS2 1984-1988 OBITUARY
Benjamin Harold Hicks     OBITUARY
Terry Johnson GMM3 1977-1979 OBITUARY
James "Jim" Jordan ETR-2 1969-1970 OBITUARY
Carl Kangas CWO4 1968-1971 OBITUARY
Edwin Earl Killinger Commanding Officer 1985-1987 OBITUARY
Vernon D. Knight BM2 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Dale Knox ST1 1967 - 1968 Dale passed away in 2013
Lyle Kirkendall STG3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Andrew "Corky" Kushner STG3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Randall "Randy" Mark Larson   1974-1978 OBITUARY
Mark Leacox     OBITUARY
Darol LeBoeuf BT3 1972-1974 Darol passed away in 1999
Faolua Lefiti "Foot" BTC 1974-1975 HEADSTONE
Jeffrey Levine "Wally the Wonder Welder" HT2 1988-1992 OBITUARY - TRIBUTE
Robert "Bob" Lewis RD2 1970-1971 OBITUARY
Archie Lupia Commanding Officer 1968-1970 OBITUARY
Robert E Malloy BM1 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER HEADSTONE
Albert Cleo Maxson BMC 1973-1975 OBITUARY
Richard McNeely Chaplain Staff Desron 21 OBITUARY
Richard Manis BTCS(SW) 1990-1994 Richard passed away in 2021
William R Markl Jr RM2 1967-1970 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Jerry Leland McCombs     OBITUARY
Charles H. Miller III SH2 1976-1979 OBITUARY
Monty Dean McDonald TM2 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER Monte passed away in 2014
Dallas Bryant Molen EN1 1985-1990 Dallas passed away in 2006
Thomas Dennis Moore BM3 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Charles J. Mulford RD2 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER Charles passed away 4/27/20
Chief Nepomeceno GMC 1990-1993 Chief passed away in 1993
Thomas Odom SK2 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Ricardo Paez RM2 1990-1994 Ricardo passed away in 2021
James Vernon Parchem BTFR 1975 OBITUARY
Virgil L Parodi CWO2 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Dean "Deano" Huntington Parker III BTFA 1986 OBITUARY 
George Patterson MMCS(SW) 1978-1983 George passed away in 2007
Greg Pozinski LCDR 1983 OBITUARY
Norman Pully BM1 1974-1975 Norman passed away in 2009
Rufus Reaves EMCM(SS) 1970-1972 OBITUARY
Raymond C. Rinne     OBITUARY
Albert "Rob" Lee Robbins STCS 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Scott Allen Rowlands     OBITUARY
Richard "Rick" Seivert RM2 1980-1981 OBITUARY
Ron Shirley QM2 1966-1970 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Henry G Sibblies SK2 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
George L Simpson RD2 1971-1972 OBITUARY
Stephen F Spelic YN3 1967-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Frank Stauch FTM1(SW) 1981-1984 OBITUARY
William A Stedman BT 1982-1984 OBITUARY
Keith A Stewart Commanding Officer 1981-1983 OBITUARY
Corey Stonebrink OSC 1992-1994 OBITUARY
Gary Thor DS2 1970-1972 OBITUARY
Tom Tucker SM3 1968-1970 Tom passed away in 2019
Stansfield Turner Admiral - Commissioning Captain 1966-1968 OBITUARY
Joseph "Joe" Vanderweg STG3 1967-1968 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Jan F.A. Veen STG3 1966-1969 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Ernest O. "Ernie" Wiles Lieutenant 1966-1967 - PLANKOWNER OBITUARY
Bradd Thomas Wolf STG3 1990-1993 OBITUARY
Justo Torresperez OS1 1990-1992 Justo passed away in 2012
Kevin Wayne Yokum RM2 1992-1994 KEVIN WAS KILLED ON 9/11/01
Kenneth Youngmann CDR 1966-1968 - PLANKOWNER - 1ST CREWMEMBER OBITUARY

This list is in no way complete and will be updated as I receive verifiable information related to the passing of former Horne
Crew. In the interest of preserving accuracy, first and last names are required. An Obituary is preferred. Thank you.