Maurice Fennell
IN HORNE 1967-1969

3/17/25 TO 8/12/03

Maurice was very much looking forward to the USS Horne Reunion. We traded many emails in which he shared many of his Horne experiences. According to his wife Agnes, the Plankowners were very near and dear to his heart. He attended the USS Horne Decommissioning in 1994 and was said to be thrilled to again meet his former skipper, Admiral Stansfield Turner. Sadly, Maurice passed away just six weeks before the 2003 Reunion. Agnes attended the Plankowners' Luncheon on September 29th. Both Agnes and her son were guests of the Reunion Committee at the Reunion Banquet. On October 1, 2003, the last day of the reunion, my brother and I visited Fort Roscrans National Cemetery on Pt. Loma and found "Old Boats".

To all of our fallen shipmates:

Photos by Roger Westerberg