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Spring 1967 - Wardroom Officers - See Names Below
Photo Courtesy Rudolf Bredderman

Captain Stansfield Turner joins the officers of the USS Horne for a meal in the wardroom during the spring of 1967, shortly after commissioning.  
Everyone pictured here is a Horne Plankowner. Captain Turner is in the blue uniform. Clockwise from the Captain around the front table are:

1.  CDR Henry (Hap) Arnold, Executive Officer
2. LCDR Bud Leedom, Chief Engineer
3. LCDR George Jensen, Operations Officer
4. LT Ken Youngmann, ASW Officer
5. LT John Barber, Supply Officer
6. LT John Bundarin, CIC Officer
7. LCDR Rudolf Bredderman, Weapons Officer

Clockwise around the back table starting with the head of the table:
8.  LT Harry Schetter, Missile Officer (behind  Captain Turner)
9.  LT Joe Broz, Navigator

10. LTJG Jim Winn,  Ass't CIC Officer
11. WO James Brown, NTDS Officer
12. WO Virgil Parodi, Fire Control Officer
13. ENS Dave Meade, Commissary Officer
14. LTJG John Kozma, Main Propulsion Ass't
15. LTJG Brad Humphrey, Communications Officer
16. LT Ernie Wiles, Damage Control Ass't
17. LT Lew Friedricksen, First LT (barely visible)

At the small table to the left:
18. ENS Evan Jenkins, Disbursing Off.

Absent, probably on watch
19. CWO Bob Wilson, Sonar Officer
20. LTJG Dave Coniff, Missile Ordnance Officer
21. LTJG John Meierdierks, Electronic Material Officer

22. LTJG Bob Stuckey, Gunnery Ass't


From Left to Right:
???, SD2 Palomar, ???

If anyone knows the identity of the other two stewards tell me.