Hello, my name is Charley Nemecz, US NAVY 13 NOV 66 until 13 NOV 1970. I am a plank owner & I just discovered that USS HORNE DLG-30 {as she was known then] & other plank owner crew members may be eligible for Agent Orange Exposure benefits.
I was along with all the original commissioning crew were ordered to DA Nang harbor to "get our new orders". I am positive it was just before Capt. Turner gave command to Capt Archie Lupia. I have discussed this w/HM-1 MIKE ROGERS, then an HM-3. Mike agrees w/me that HORNE went to DA Nang harbor ans swung on the anchor while the Capt & some crew members went w/him on the Gig @ the assigned dock while the utility & liberty boats was assigned armed patrol around the ship or waited.
The following link shows many "brown water" size boats & some small ships in VN waters. Some for as little as 38 minutes. HORNE was swinging @ anchor for @ LEAST 4 - 8 HOURS. I think we qualify tro be reviewed and re-reviewed for benefits related to Agent Orange Exposure!!|Don't all of you think so too??
Here is the web site:
I went to this site & checked this list and HORNE IS NOT listed. This is a very serious error. I know HORNE was there. Those of us who have all or some enough of the respecters for Agent Orange Exposure deserve our disability benefit[s}.
Contact CHARLEY NEMECZ, USN SN [ then 1st DIV & NX DIV as Corpsman Striker) ,discharged 13 NOV 1970 as HM-3., email: c_nemecz@att,net, w/any documentation or conversations that we can get deposed and notarized & entered into the VA records.
Thanks to all of you for your service.

Charley Nemecz, SN PLANK OWNER & HM-3


Plan of the Day from David Conrad - MM3 - Plankowner - 1966-1968
This Plan of the Day confirmed Horne's visit to Da Nang on 27 June 1968 (click to enlarge)

Horne Pland of the Day - 27 June 1968